The Early Bird

                           "Fashion is a trend style is within a person"- The Late Oscar de la Renta

            I know its been way too long since I've chatted with you last. There's only one explanation, school. I'm planning to post on Friday's to get a consistent schedule going.For today's post it's all about Nordstrom. A few weeks ago Nordstrom finally opened in my city, so I had to be there for the grand opening. I'm usually not a morning person at all (the reason why I scheduled late classes), but I couldn't pass up the big event. To my surprise, I woke up at six in the morning to make it to the mall right at eight. Before the doors opened  at ten, there was a big white tent set up in the parking lot with food, music,gift bags (got to love the freebies),a photo booth and beauty consultants to cater to our needs. The crowd was massive but I had the opportunity to try out some products and get dolled up. By the time ten o'clock came around everyone was crowed by the door while security tried to contain them. The countdown began "3-2-1", and everyone rushed in greeted by news station cameras and cheering staff. My first impressions were "wow this is lux". The size was smaller than  I expected but the quality and design was beautiful. If you're not familiar with Nordstrom its a very on-trend , lavish department store. As a result, my spending was limited to two makeup items. I purchased the Anastasia of Beverly Hills dip brow and a fall inspired matte lipstick by MAC. My overall experience was awesome and I wouldn't mind interning there some day. There are plenty of photos to scroll through to make up for my absence, so enjoy! 

After all it is Nordstrom so a plaid hounds-tooth shirt was a step above a t-shirt.I didn't want to be too dressy, so I went with a simple chic look.

Top:Old Navy
Jeans:Old Navy
Flats: Burlington Coat Factory
Necklace: H&M
Sunglasses: freebie from school
Shoulder bag: Ross

So far I like this pomade because it has a good consistency that keeps my eyebrows in place. This product is super pigmented so a little bit really goes a long way. I feel like it was worth the price since it will last me a long time and I don't use it everyday.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow- $18

My very first MAC lipstick and I love it. Its a very dark plum color perfect for fall with a matte finish (and it smells so good). I did some shopping around and tried different lipsticks, but I feel that matte lipsticks look better on me and this one made a bold statement.

MAC "Living Legend" Matte- $16

Devotional Corner
"Champion" 1 Samuel 17:49 NIV

"Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone,he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead.The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell face down on the ground."

Let's talk about failure. Its not a good feeling when you reflect about it, but failure doesn't make you a loser. We can't change the past,so there's no point  in dwelling in it.The key is to have a winning spirit. Learn from your mistakes and make a new strategy. No matter how big the problem take it on with courage just like David. Fight back your Goliath with confidence and faith. I've recently learned this lesson myself. As a business major I have to take financial accounting. Its was a real struggle in the beginning and I was a little discouraged. Building up my faith, praying, and getting extra help has boosted my grade. We already have the victory,we just need to walk in it.

Stay Chic!
-Xoxo Deleon